Chilton Sign_1Years Attended (1974 – 1979) 

To Dave it seems that he attended Eastwood a very long time ago but his memory still ranks it among his most loved places.  

Dave is somewhat self-effacing about his contribution to Eastwood’s tennis and basketball teams and his thespian skills on the stage at Eastwood (Oliver).  Fortunately it was his wit and ability to weave a story that boded well for his future career as author, entrepreneur and public speaker.

Dave earned a degree from Wilfrid.

Although Dave’s book has brought him considerable fame, he is also recognized for a number of other awards.  He was the winner of the 1985 H. L. Gassard Award.  This award is presented to individuals who have attained the highest mark in Canada on the Canadian Securities Course.  He also was the winner of the Vanier Award for outstanding achievement by a Canadian under 40.

Dave’s financial acumen has allowed him to add one more title to his name, that being publisher.  He has taken two sisters under his financial wing and produced some of the fastest selling cookbooks in Canada: “Looney Spoons”, “Crazy Plates” and “Eat, Shrink & Be Merry!”

Eastwood Collegiate is extremely proud of Dave’s unique approach to writing and publishing.  These accomplishments have brought him much acclaim and the admiration of all Rebels.

Laurier University. His reputation as an author was solidified by writing a book called the Wealthy Barber.  It became one of the fastest selling books in Canadian publishing history and it went on to become one of the most successful books in North America!  He parlayed the success of his book into numerous media and public speaking appearances both in Canada and the United States.