In May of 2006 Eastwood Collegiate celebrated its 50th Anniversary. In conjunction with this auspicious occasion came the unveiling of Eastwood’s Wall of Recognition. Although the idea for the wall had its origins many years earlier, it was at this point that a dedicated group of people from Eastwood came together in their belief that students who had attended Eastwood and who had gone on to make significant contributions in their various areas of endeavour deserved recognition.  Thus the Wall of Recognition was born, which is located across from the main office.

The impetus for establishing the wall was to inspire the present student body by recognizing former students’ accomplishments and acknowledging their excellence in their respective fields.

Given that Eastwood opened its doors in 1956, the number of possible nominees in 2006 was considerable.  The initial ten inductees to the wall were representative of their respective decades in which they attended and fell into the following categories: Athletics, Business, Community Contribution, Humanitarian Pursuits, Public Service (politics and government), and Stage and Arts.  This list has been revised to include the following:

  • Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Science/Environment
  • Community Contribution
  • Athletics
  • Arts and Culture
  • Philanthropy
  • Special Category

Our hope is that our inductees will represent the school and model outstanding contributions in their particular field of endeavour and that their success will impact others in a meaningful way.

We welcome continued nominations from our alumni and from our community.  If you know of a worthy candidate, please complete the nomination form and mail it to the Principal, care of Eastwood Collegiate.



Click the name of the Inductee for a full profile:

Lawrence Bingeman

Dave Chilton

Gary Dornhoefer

James Fleming

Lyle Green

Katherina Kubenk

Terence S.E. Jones

Cheryl Lescom

Marissa McIntyre

Alex Mustakas



Dave Nicholson

Scott Piatkowski

Michael Pryse

Peter Quanz

Romel Raffin

Karen Redman

Warren Stauch

Scott Stevens

Sabine Vahlenkamp

Fitzroy Vanderpool

Dennis Willms