Acceptable Use of Electronic Devices

Use of school computers and other technology (e.g. Chromebooks, iPads) is a privilege. Please reference the Chromebook policy for further information about the acceptable use of electronic devices.

Computer and/or network privileges may be revoked for unacceptable conduct in class or on-line, and students may be subject to disciplinary action.  In order to maximize use and ensure security, please review the WRDSB Responsible Use Procedure available on the board website (

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Cell phones and other personal communication devices must never disrupt the learning environment.  When in class, your cell phones should be turned off and out of sight, unless otherwise directed by your teacher.

Cell phones must never be used to take photos or videos in class without a person’s knowledge and consent.  This is a violation of privacy.  Inappropriate use of your cell phone may result in issues being addressed by your vice-principal.

ECI is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged cell phones or electronic devices.