Welcome to the Business Studies department at Eastwood. Here you will find information about business courses, teachers, and department policies.

The current staff in the business department are

Mrs Martin, Mr Bier, Ms Jumeian, Mr Martin, Mr Singh

The current courses offered through the business department are

Grade 9/10
BTT 1OI/BTT 2OI – Introduction to Business Applications
BBI 1OI/ BBI 2OI – Introduction to Business

Grade 11 BDI3CI – Entrepreneurship BAF3MI – Accounting BMI3CI – Marketing BTA3OI – Advanced Business Applications BMX3EI – Workplace Marketing

Grade 12 BAT4MI – Accounting, BBB4MI – International Business, BOH4MI – Business Leadership, BOG4EI – Workplace Business Leadership, BTX4CI – Advanced Business Applications, CIA 4UI – Economics

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