ECI Language Department Members

  • S. Müller ( Department Head)
  • A. Bauz
  • E. Dupuis

Courses of Study

  • Gr. 9 French (FSF Applied, Academic, Advanced Placement*)
  • Gr.10 French  (FSF Applied, Academic, Advanced Placement**, ESL Beginner )
  • Gr. 10 German ( LWG)
  • Gr. 11 French  (FSF Applied, Academic, Advanced Placement**)
  • Gr. 11 German ( LWG Open, Academic)
  • Gr. 11 International Languages  (IDP Open)
  • Gr. 12 French (FSF Applied, Academic, Advanced Placement**)
  • Gr. 12 German (LWG University, Open)
  • Gr. 12 International Languages ( IDP University, Open)

*application form for Grade 9 pre-AP French:  Pre-AP Application   (Please print and submit form to Steve Hooper, Head of Guidance)

** Admission to the Grade 10-12 AP French courses is based on Department Head and teacher approval as well as a proficiency test

Department News

Gr.10 Beginner French course for ELL

This course focuses on basic French skills for our English Language learners

Gr. 11 & 12 Travel Language classes

This course focuses on survival language skills required to travel and work overseas. Languages covered are Spanish, Italian, French, German, Mandarin and Cantonese

Late/deadline policy: refer to school policy
Extra help availability: please see individual teachers

Extra-curricular opportunities

German: Oktoberfest, Christkindl Markt, St. Jacobs, WLU contest, Language Club

French: Concours Oratoire ( Mar.); Elora Theater and Créperie

Travel Language: Oktoberfest, Christkindl Markt. St. Jacobs