Attendance Procedures

 “What do I do if I’m late for class?”

  • If you arrive late, go directly to class.
  • Your late arrival will be recorded by your teacher and you may be assigned a consequence by your teacher.
  • After five lates to a class, your teacher may call home to let your parent/guardian know.

Teachers may also send you to visit your vice-principal and you could then be subject to escalating consequences.

 “What do I do if I’m absent?”

The easiest way to validate an absence is to click on the attendance link on the ECI homepage.

Or you can have a parent or guardian call the school on the day of your absence.  Voice mail messages can be left with the attendance secretary 24 hours a day.  Add the following attendance phone number to your contacts list:

(519) 743-8265, Press 1 for attendance

“What do I do if I have an appointment in the morning?”

If you are absent for the first portion of the day, when you arrive please go directly to your class and check in with your teacher.