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The Waterloo Region Integrated Arts Program at Eastwood Collegiate is an enhanced arts learning community which nurtures integrity and personal growth through a variety of arts experiences.

About the Integrated Arts Program (IAP)

The Integrated Arts Program is a Waterloo Region District School Board Magnet Program that explores and develops  appreciation and understanding for all areas of the arts through community and integration. The IAP offers enriching arts opportunities for creation through diverse, inclusive programming for students interested in the performing, visual, production, and media arts. All students must audition successfully before they will be accepted into the program. For more information on auditions, as well as eligibility for the program please click on New IAP Applicants.

Find Your Art at Eastwood! Our Roots and Who We Are.

“Find Your Art: Find Your Self”.
The IAP will:

  • honour your voice and identity, and will foster diversity and inclusion.
  • provide a community for you to find your art and find yourself 
  • complement and enhance your overall high school experience by learning through the arts 
  • help prepare you for your future, including career opportunities and post-secondary programs in the arts, as well as skills transferable to a range of different career destinations.

How does the Program Work?

As an Integrated Arts Program student, you will take a combination of Arts Major and Minor courses in grades 9-12. 

Arts Major 

  • Courses you successfully audition for when you apply to the program.
  • Courses you take at the enhanced level, in congregated classes with other arts majors.
  • Courses you want to focus on as an arts student at Eastwood.
  • We encourage you to achieve at your highest standard possible, given that your Major is your area of interest 

Arts Minor 

  • You do not need to audition for your Arts Minor courses.
  •  Courses that you take out of interest to expand your experience and knowledge in the arts. 
  • Open to all students who attend Eastwood. 

All IAP students must have a minimum of one Arts Major course to remain in the program

 What are the requirements for the IAP?

To be accepted to the Integrated Arts Program you must:

  • Submit a completed IAP application by the deadline.
  • Audition successfully for at least one Arts Major course 
  • Have a positive character reference from a current school teacher.
  • Be eligible to attend school in Ontario.
  • Be in good standing at your previous school. Good attendance, learning skills, and appropriate behavior are needed for success in this program.

To remain in the Program in good standing you must:

  • Have at least one Arts Major in grades 9-12.
  • Adhere to the Code of Expectations for proper behavior and the Code of Participation.
  • Be a good school citizen and ambassador, and abide by the Eastwood Code of Conduct.

To be Eligible to receive the “IAP Arts Endorsement Certificate” upon graduation, you must:

  • Successfully complete eight (8) arts courses, including one grade 12 Arts Major.
  • Remain in the Arts Program in good standing to the end of grade 12 by following the Code of Conduct and Code of Participation.

To be Eligible to receive the “IAP Arts and Business Endorsement Certificate” upon graduation, you must:

  • Be accepted to the IAP.
  • Complete 5 arts courses including one grade 12 Arts Major plus 3 Business Courses.
  • Business courses typically include BBI – Introduction to Business and any two senior Business courses.