Integrated Arts Program

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The Waterloo Region Integrated Arts Program at Eastwood Collegiate is an enhanced arts learning community which nurtures integrity and personal growth through a variety of arts experiences.

HeadAbout the Integrated Arts Program (IAP)

The Integrated Arts Program is a Waterloo Region District School Board Magnet Program. It offers challenging enhanced arts programming for students interested in the performing, visual, and media arts.  Students choose to come to  the Eastwood  IAP for many different reasons: Some want to pursue post-secondary studies or a career in the arts, and others want to enhance their high school experience through the arts while pursuing other career and post-secondary goals. The IAP offers opportunities to explore, experience, or study aspects of arts careers through extra curricular activities, para-professional assistance, and field trips.  Students enrolled in the program must be strongly committed to their arts courses, their academic studies, and their extra-curricular activities.  All students must audition successfully for the program before they will be accepted into the program.   For more information on auditions as well as eligibility for the program please click on  New IAP Applicants.


General InfoChanges to the IAP

The Integrated Arts Program has changed for students entering after September 2015.  We have merged the Practical and the Enriched programs into a single Integrated Arts Program.  If you are a New IAP Applicant, you will now have the option of entering the program as a Double, Triple, or Single Major.  We have also introduced a fourth stream  for grade 9s entering the program called the “IAP Development Program.” This is for students who audition for the program in at least one major and are assessed as having potential in the arts, but are not ready to take an Arts Major course. If you are offered this option, you will be able to take Arts Minor courses for your first year in the program and then re-audition for an Arts Major at the end of that year.


question marks How does the Program Work?

As an Integrated Arts Program student, you will take a combination of Major and Minor Arts Courses in grades 9-12.   Arts Major courses are courses that are taught at the enriched level. They are in the the arts areas in which you have the most experience and skill.  They are the courses you audition for when you apply to the program.  To remain in the IAP in good standing, you must maintain a 70% or higher in all your Arts Major courses.

Arts Minor courses are open courses that you take out of interest to expand your experiences in the arts. You do not need to audition for your Arts Minor courses.

In grades 9 and 10, IAP students typically take two Arts Major courses and one Arts Minor course and then choose to focus on one Arts Major in their senior years.  You can choose to take three Arts Major courses in grades 9 and 10, but this is only possible if you have a high level of skill and exceptional organizational abilities.

All IAP students must have a minimum of one Arts Major course to remain in the program. Some students who show potential in their audition, but  are not ready to take an Arts Major course in grade 9 may be asked to join the program in the IAP Development Program. If you are given this option in grade 9, then you will be able to take Arts Minor courses during your first year and then re-audition for an Arts Major in grade 10.

submitWhat are the requirements for the IAP?

To be accepted to the Integrated Arts Program you must:

  • submit a completed IAP application by the deadline
  • audition successfully for at least one Arts Major course (or be asked to join the program as an IAP Development student) (You are encouraged to audition for more than one Arts Major if possible)
  • have a positive character reference from a current school teacher
  • be eligible to attend school in Ontario
  • be in good standing at your previous school

To remain in the Program in good standing you must:

  • take a combination of Arts Major and Minor courses  in grades 9 and 10. (No audition is required for minors.)
  • continue with at least one Arts Major course to the end of grade 12
  • attain a minimum 70% average in your Arts Major courses
  • maintain a respectable average in all compulsory classes (Math, English, Science etc)
  • participate year-round in at least one extra-curricular activity in your Major area(s)
  • abide by the “Code of Ethics and Code of Participation”
  • participate successfully in the “Reality Check Interview” at the end of Grade 9

To be Eligible to receive the “IAP Arts Endorsement Certificate” upon graduation, you must:

  • successfully complete eight (8) arts courses, including courses for one Arts Major through to grade 12.
  • remain in the Arts Program in good standing to the end of grade 12 as per the Code of Conduct and Code of Participation.