Head Extra-Curricular Schedule 2021-22

Calendar of Performances and Events. (this calendar is continuously updated throughout the year, so check it regularly)

Notes about Extra Curricular Activities:

  • We are currently phasing back in our extra-curricular groups. Below is a link to the groups that are being offered at ECI. This list will be updated as changes are made (for example, if a group is added, or if a specific focus changes such as a shift in focus in visual art from drawing from life to another medium)
    ECI Extra-Curricular Bi-weekly Schedule 2021
  • Students should only participate in one activity per slot.
  • All IAP students are strongly encouraged to be involved in at least one activity throughout the year in an area of major study. Traditionally, the IAP Code of Conduct states that IAP students must participate in at least one group (in one of their majors) all year. We recognize the extenuating circumstances of our current situation, and things such as the yellow cards for not participating are currently on hold.
    We do however, strongly value the community connections, networking, and portfolio building that results from participating in extra-curricular activities and would enthusiastically recommend that students join us and participate in the groups. 
  • Leadership is an opportunity for all areas within the arts that could require commitments outside of the scheduled time. (example: Arts council, tech crew.)
  • Some groups may be able to function in a virtual environment. 
  • Some groups will alter by week as per our current schedule, others may be able to run every week.
  • When applicable, significant role in the musical may be counted as an extra-curricular commitment (ask your teacher sponsors to clarify) 
  • Exemptions for one season only for sports will be considered pending approval of IAP-EC Exemption Request Form
  • Clear communication of commitment is required with your teacher sponsors. When possible, please try to communicate absences ahead of time. You may also use the IAP Absence form. *Multiple absences will result in a yellow card and possibly removal from the group. (*not currently enforced)

All forms will be available on the Arts link on the website as well as on the arts bulletin boards throughout the school.

Listed below is our 2019 schedule. 
It is up only to serve as a frame of reference for what historically has been how we schedule extra-curricular activities.
We are currently running a modified version, but are thrilled to finally be allowed to participate in in-person groups again.
Listed are the groups that count towards fulfilling your commitment under the “Code of Participation” and towards your “IAP endorsement Certificate”. There are many other clubs and sports on offer at Eastwood.
The IAP groups are colour coded  according to subject area. The “Integrated Activities” listed are clubs that integrate multiple arts areas. Groups have been placed under their primary subject area, but sometimes may count in more than one subject area. (i.e. Dressing the Set is both artistic as well as theatrical, and so could count towards either a Drama major or a Visual Art major, depending on your focus. Troupe often incorporates both Dance and Drama. etc.)