IAP extra curricular schedule

Head Extra-Curricular Schedule 2018-19

Calendar of Performances and Events. (this calendar is continuously updated throughout the year, so check it regularly)

Notes about Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Students can participate in only one activity per time slot.
  • All IAP students must be involved in at least one activity per Arts Major or Area of Special Interest throughout the year.
  • “Leadership” is an opportunity for all arts areas. It requires commitments outside of  time scheduled for this activity. (“Arts council”) will be divided as follows- First season focus: Gala; second season, IAP Symposium; third season, Arts Recognition night.
  • Arts Leadership may be counted as an extra-curricular commitment
  • Tech crew may be counted as an extra-curricular commitment
  • A significant role in the musical may be counted as an extra-curricular commitment (Ask your teacher sponsors to clarify)
  • Students may participate in sports for one season only pending approval of an “IAP-EC Exemption Request Form”
  • Clear communication of commitment is required with your teacher sponsor(s). Absences must be communicated via the “IAP Absence form”. Multiple absences will result in a yellow card and possibly removal from an arts activity.

• full year commitment

§ auditioned groups

* fee will be charged for enhanced materials
All forms will be available on the website as well as on the arts bulletin boards in the school.
** Gala performances do not count as an extra-curricular commitment.

Listed below are activities that count towards fulfilling your commitment under the “Code of Participation” and towards your “IAP endorsement Certificate”. They are colour coded  according to subject area. The “Integrated Activities” listed are clubs that integrate multiple arts areas. Groups have been placed under their primary subject area, but sometimes may count in more than one subject area. (i.e. Dressing the Set is both artistic as well as theatrical, and so could count towards either a Drama major or a Visual Art major, depending on your focus. Troupe often incorporates both Dance and Drama. etc.)

Frequently asked Questions and club descriptions.