Things to keep in mind when applying to University in Ontario:

  1.  You need SIX Gr 12 University or Mixed stream courses in order to apply to University – those are courses ending in 4U or 4M.
  2. You will ALWAYS need ENG4U in order to apply to any University program.
  3. Different programs will have different requirements for what is needed for the other 5 courses.  You can find admission requirement information for Universities at the Ontario University Info site.
  4. Ontario colleges also offer Bachelor degrees!  Check out Ontario Colleges for information about Bachelor degrees through a college – click “Programs”, then type in Bachelor in the Program search bar to discover a degree that suits you.
  5. Applications are targeted to open on or just after September 21, 2023.
  6. The deadline for applications is January 15, 2024.

Ontario University Info is the site to research what programs are available at all Ontario Universities – it informs you about required Gr 12 courses,  minimum entrance averages, scholarships, and more!


For information on how to apply to university, check out:  How to apply

To apply for OSAP, go to Ontario Student Assistance Program


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