Opened in 1956, Eastwood Collegiate is a school community that takes great pride in the richness of its diversity.  We are very fortunate to have an inspired, bright and passionate group of students who live in our catchment area. We also have an English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Language Development (ELD) program that represents more than 60 different cultures.  Finally, we are home to the Integrated Arts Program (IAP), a magnet program of nearly 500 students from across Waterloo Region as well as from communities as far away as Elora, Fergus, Guelph, Paris and Drayton.  Our students come from varied backgrounds, but they gather together with a strong commitment to one another, and they are focused on academic and personal growth.

The well being and growth of our students are our top priorities.  As educators, we are committed to fostering a love of learning as well as a respect for self and others, and we take the trust that has been placed in us very seriously.  Our staff works diligently to create innovative spaces where students can develop their passion for learning and can develop the skills they need not just to become outstanding students but also outstanding citizens.

In a world where communities and careers are increasingly globalized, where creativity and innovation are a necessity and where perseverance is a requirement, we feel our students are well positioned to become the next generation of leaders and lifelong learners.

“Education leaders play a key part in motivating and inspiring all those involved in the education experience of children and youth not only to succeed academically but also to develop the long-term cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development, and the development of their sense of self/spirit that will lead them to become personally successful, economically productive and actively engaged citizens. In this way every learner has the opportunity to succeed personally and academically, regardless of background, identity or personal circumstances.” (Ideas in Action)

At Eastwood, we value parent and guardian input, and we believe working as a community is essential. I encourage you to be involved in your child’s education – whether it’s through participating in Eastwood’s School Council, or in the Waterloo Region Integrated Arts Program Parent’s Association, or by attending Parent-Teacher Nights, or simply by contacting your child’s Guidance Counselor, Vice-Principal, or classroom teachers. In order to make a difference with our students, we need you!


Ryan Hume


Eastwood Collegiate Institute

Ex Oriente Lux – “from the East comes light”