Cheryl - Sign_0Years attended (1968-1970)

Attending school was not at the top of Cheryl’s to-do list.  She wanted to be a singer.  This rebelliousness was a sign of the ties.  It was the era ofWoodstock, Vietnam, Charles Manson, sit-in protests, peace and love. Cheryl was the original “artsie” and a true Rebel.

Cheryl left Eastwood and pursued her dreams. She has been a part of the Canadian Blues Society for over 30 years.  She started out as a back-up singer for Ronnie Hawkins and Long John Baldry.  She has toured with the likes of Jeff Healy, Matt Minglewood, Dutch Mason and the Downchild Blues Band.

Calling on her true Rebel determination, Cheryl battled cancer and not only won but became stronger and determined to live life to its fullest.

Cheryl’s voice and stage presence can be described as a mixture of Janis Joplin and Beyonce. She is equally comfortable singing moving, heart-wrenching ballads or jump-up, full-tilt boogie blues.

Cheryl is a regular presence at clubs around southwestern Ontario and a headliner at Kitchener’s annual Blues Festival.  Despite a hectic performance schedule, Cheryl continues to call Kitchener her home.  Even when Cheryl is off the road she can be found performing at local venues to appreciative hometown crowds.

Cheryl’s style and longevity in the music industry is an example of the spirit and tenacity to which all Rebels should aspire.