Lyle Green- SignYears Attended (1990 – 1996)

Although Lyle’s athletic talent was apparent when he stepped onto the fields or courts of Eastwood, it was his natural ability to instantly own any sport in which he chose to participate that caught everyone’s attention. Despite the fact that Lyle was an intense athlete, it was his disarming smile that would win over both his friends and his competition.

Lyle represented the Rebels in a number of sports including football, basketball, track, tennis and soccer. Top this off with the quintessential Canadian sport of hockey and Lyle pretty well had all the bases covered.  Recruited by the University of Toledo to play football, he made use of this opportunity to acquire a BS in Administrative Sciences and an MBA in Management, all the while maintaining an honours standing!  After graduation from U of T, Lyle was chosen by the BC Lions in 2001, 3rd pick overall in the CFL draft.

Lyle’s professional football career spent mostly with the BC Lions has awarded him with a Grey Cup Championship in 2006 with the BC Lions, and he continues to play for the Calgary Stampeders.  Lyle also holds an impressive playing streak of 161 games and is 14th on “the most games-played” list.

As a Rebel, Lyle participated in student government and this may

have been the training ground for his community- mindedness.  This is exemplified by his nomination for the Tom Pate Community Service Award in 2007 and 2008 as well as being a two-time recipient of the Lionheart Award for Community Service in British Columbia.  Lyle continues this tradition of volunteerism working atTrinity Western University in British Columbia where he hopes to be involved in sports in some capacity either as a coach or administrator when his playing days are done.

Lyle provides a shining example of athleticism, endurance and commitment to the local community that all Rebels should emulate.