Welcome to Eastwood Guidance!

For more detailed information about our department, refer to the sidebar under the Guidance index (to the left of this text). You will find helpful content regarding our course calendar, diploma requirements, post-secondary options, and much more.

Guidance Counsellor Assignments (by first initial of last name):


  1.  Counsellors will not be meeting with students in the Guidance office.  Students who make an appointment will be sent a link to meet virtually, via Google Meet.  
  2. Students are not to make an appointment when they are attending class in person.  Appointments must be made during the time they are at home.
  3. During quad 1 and 3 Mr Drysdale is teaching two classes.  He will not be available to meet students.  Students with surname that begins with S will meet with Mr Hooper and those that begin with T will meet with Mr Campbell.

NOTE – this system is only available for current ECI students. Please contact our guidance secretary to book registration appointments.


Mr. S. Hooper              ext. 5525                  A, B, C, D, E, F, S  –  Department Head

Ms. L. Paling                ext. 5526                  I, J, K, L, M, W, X, Y, Z

Mr. B. Campbell           ext.5527                  G, H, N, O, P, Q, R, T, U, V

Mr. M. Drysdale           ext. 5529                 will return to Guidance for Quad 2!

Mrs. B. Gourley            ext. 5520                 Guidance Secretary


Need to see someone at OK2BEME?   Here is how to connect with them:

  1.  Fill out the online intake form..here is the link:  http://ok2bme.ca/services/intake/
  2.  Call 519-884-0000 and ask for Intake.

If you want additional information about OK2BE, please visit their website:  http://ok2bme.ca 

or email Washington Silk at  wsilk@kwcounselling.com



  • Post-secondary workshops and Career Counselling
  • Homework collection for students when ill
  • Organize case conference for parents and teachers
  • Referrals to appropriate agencies when necessary
  • Gay Straight alliance
  • Needs Assessment Program
  • Scholarship and bursary information
  • Case Manager for students addressing personal, social and educational concerns