1. School Insurance

  • Not compulsory
  • Application forms are available in September and are due in the Main Office by the middle of September

2. Administration of Medications

  • Staff are not permitted to distribute asprin, tylenol etc. to students
  • It is assumed that students with perscription medication are mature enough to self-medicate
  • Students who require epipens should report to their Vice Principal
  • If you have special circumstances please call your childs Vice Principal

3. Illness While at School

  • If a student must leave school before the end of the day due to illness, they are required to sign-out in the main office. Non-adult students and adult students without waiver forms will require either a nore from home, parental permission by phone or administrative permission in order to sign-out. If a student becomes ill at home during the lunch hour they should inform the school by telephone and bring a note the following day.

4. Public Health Nurse

  • A Public Health Nurse is available for consultation with students approximately one day a week
  • The school nurse’s function is to advise students in sexual health and lifestyle matters and make referrals when necessary

5. Accidents
If your son or daughter is injured at school the following will occur:

  • If necessary an ambulance will be called
  • A parent/guardian will be notified
  • Student will be given interim first aid, if necessary, until parent or ambulance arrives
  • If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, a staff member will accompany a non adult student to the hospital if necessary
  • The teacher in charge will complete an accident report which will be kept on file in the school and at the Waterloo Region District School Board Education Centre
  • Students should report any sudden illness or injury to the Main Office

6. Lost or Stolen Items

  • The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Students are advised to leave valuables at home or locked in their locker
  • Students should keep their locker combination confidential
  • Students should never leave valuables in Phys Ed change rooms
  • If a theft occurs the students should fill out a theft report, which can be obtained from a Vice Principal or Secretary
  • Students should only notify their Vice Principal if a theft occurs

7. Dropping off Students at the School

  • To avoid accidents please do not drop off students at the front of the school on Weber St. Please do not drop off students in the Schwaben Club/World Gym parking lot as this is private property.
  • For student drop off, please use the lower parking lot off of Montgomery Road only.  Please do not use the Jackson St./Clifford Road entrance to the school.

8. Student Crosswalk

  • In September 1995, a lighted crosswalk was installed in front of the school on Weber Street
  • Please encourage your son/daughter to use this crosswalk whenever it is necessary to cross Weber Street.

9. Busing

  • Students who love at least 4.8 kilometers from school, yet still reside within the Eastwood boundaries, will be bused to school.
  • School bus drop off and pick up will occur on Weber Street at the north end of the Eastwood property.