Ms. Gruber’s AVI 2OY sem1

Welcome Gr. 10 IAP art major Artists!

Current Projects:

Acrylic Synectic painting: The paintings are off to a fantastic start. We will critique & revise the acrylic painting Jan. 5 & 6.
The finished painting along with the completed rubric is due Wed. Jan. 7.*
Grace Time will be extended for outside of class time to finish and submit this project only until Fri. Jan. 9.
(If you haven’t yet paid your studio fee, please do so as it pays for this enhanced assignment)

Fantasy Clay Creature. We will be painting the clay during the first week back.
The finished clay is due Mon. Jan. 12.*
Grace Time will be extended for outside of class time to finish and submit this project only until Wed. Jan. 14.

*you may alternate the deadlines for the clay and acrylic. As long as one thing comes in Jan. 7 and the other is submitted Jan. 14. (or by the grace time deadlines)

Renaissance Art History. Art history will continue on Thursdays with the test Thurs. Jan. 15. The test will also cover composition theory/the elements and principles of design.

The Culminating Unit.
There is no exam during the exam schedule; we complete a series of components in a Culminating Unit worth 30% of the mark in this course.

AVI 2OY culminating unit overview

C.U. Proposal 8% – there are 2 components due on or before Thurs. Jan. 8, in your sketchbook.
– (4%) The Research (examples & analysis of 3 mixed media artists)
– (4%) The Proposal (a written & visual proposal of the idea you wish to communicate)

C.U. Portfolio Interview 5% due Mon. Jan. 19.
– Complete the interview questionnaire as a reflection of the work & experiences you’ve had in this course. Please submit your answers & the checklist with your sketchbook and any additional bonus work you’d like me to see.

C.U. Studio Piece 12% due Tues. Jan. 22
C.U. Analysis of the Studio Piece 5% due Tues. Jan. 22

Here are the links to the Google Drive folder with the electronic handouts and the Google Presentation with examples for the Research and Proposal. 

Students: You can join our class Facebook group where we can pose and answer questions and where you’ll find the link to the Google Classroom, practice quizzes, fun stuff related to the course etc.