Welcome Yearbook and Exploring the Arts students!

Term 1:

We will begin the course by working through a series of theory units. These are intended to teach you the knowledge and skills required to create the book. There will be assignments in each unit and quizzes throughout. As the course evolves we will be shifting to a less teacher-lead model to one where you know your deadlines, you know how to do them and you are busy creating the book. The units are:

What is a yearbook? (its components, its job, your prime objective and golden rule)
The Theme building unit (what is a good theme? where does it go in the book? Your first assignment will be to propose a theme and ultimately the class will vote on the theme for this year’s book)
Layout & Typography (what are the ‘rules’ of good yearbook design? what are the ‘rules’ of legible/effective typography? what fonts must we use & why)
Software (InDesign, CMYK and the printing process)
Journalism (how to craft great questions in order to be able to create great writing. Headlines, Subheadlines & Captions. Assignment)
Photography (composition techniques, how to use the cameras, resolution.)
The Page Ladder (what is a page ladder? how do you plan one? Ultimately you will be planning the content of the book and signing up for your deadlines based off of this page ladder)


Current projects:

We are working through our Photography and Journalism units.

8 Headlines, Subheadlines & Captions (4U students include and example of Kicker , Wickett, Hammer & Tripod): due: March 6

14 Photos (9 composition examples, 5 category examples; dominant/support & portrait/candid): due by Wed. March 11.

 Finished article for your assigned grade (min 5 people quoted) Due by Friday, March 13.

Finished survey for your assigned grade (min 5 different people quoted) Due by Friday, March 13.

— 4Us will be editing these and then I will mark both the article & survey as well as the 4u editing

 12 photos with captions for your assigned grade. Due by Friday, March 27.

– follow proper caption format (lead ins, bolded names etc.)

– include properly spelled first and last names (so plan ahead and take a pen while you are taking photos to record this info)

– be sure to avoid including people you already used in the article & survey

– label the photos for the 6 required shots

— 4Us will be editing these and then I will mark the photos & captions as well as the 4U editing.

Upcoming assignments:
We will be signing up for our Deadline #1 responsibilities.
Portrait & Staff sections
Design team (cover, endsheets, dividers, folios, templates etc)

Students: You can join our class Facebook group where we can pose and answer questions and where you’ll find the link to the Google Shared folder, practice quizzes, fun stuff related to the course etc.

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