Ms. Gruber AWD4MIYP Graphic art and Design sem.2

Welcome Gr. 12 Graphic art and Design Artists!

Unit 1: Typography, Design Fundamentals, Gestalt and Adobe Illustrator.

Current Assignments:

The two “Quick Brown Fox” hand done studies are due by Wed. March 11
They are practice to help you plan for our upcoming Original Typeface Assignment.

The Original Typeface
You will be designing your own Typeface and inking it by hand. In this assignment you will be creating an Original Typeface in upper case, lowercase, numbers and symbols. You will draw and ink it by hand and present it in a hinge-mount frame. We will be moving out of the lab and in to the studio to create this piece.

Precision and attention to details are necessary to complete a unified for design this assignment

Previous Assignments:
The stagnant ‘dynamic’ quotation.
Using Adobe Illustrator, but influenced by the Adobe After Effects animations we watched, your task is to bring to life a quotation of your choice. Careful design consideration should be given to the choice and arrangement of your fonts/colours/textures/images to convey the mood/meaning of your quotation as well as to create a dynamic sense of movement. 
This assignment is due window matted with a completed rubric by: March 6. The final date of acceptance is Friday, March 13.

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