Grade 12 Dance


  1. Christopher House with Toronto Dance Theatre

2.     David Earle with Dancetheatre David Earle

3.    Edouard Lock with La La La Human Steps

4.   Noa Wertheim with O’Vertigo Dance

5.  Allen Kaeja with Kaeja d’Dance

6.  Jack Langenhuizen with Motus O Dance Theatre

7.  Peter Bingham with Edam Dance


10.  Kevin A. Ormsby with Kashe Dance

11. Gabrielle Martin

12.  Decidedly Jazz Danceworks

13.  Aszure Barton with Ballet Jazz de Montreal

14.  Lauriann Gibson – choreographer for music icons (Madonna, Lady Gaga, Minaj)

15.  Malgorzata Nowacka – with Chimera

16.  Malgozata Nowacka with Ballet Jorgen

17.  James Kudelka with the National Ballet of Canada and American Ballet Theatre

18.  Ramon Flowers with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens

19. Norbert Vesak with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

20.  Crytal Pite with Kidd Pivot

21.  Robert Campanella with Pro Arte Danza