On June 12, 2024, students in MTH1WI/Z this semester will participate in the EQAO Math Assessment.  A practice test session will take place during classes before this date.  

What is the EQAO Math Assessment?

The Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics assesses the mathematics skills students are expected to have learned by the end of the Ontario Grade 9 mathematics course (MTH1W).  Administered once each semester, this assessment gauges student achievement in the areas of number sense, geometry, linear relations, and patterning & algebra.

Students enrolled in MTH1WI/Z math courses in semester 1 complete the assessment in January; in semester 2, the  EQAO assessment is written in June.  Parents/Guardians wanting to learn more about EQAO assessments or to view some sample tests, are encouraged to visit the EQAO website

What students need to know

  • Students will be provided the opportunity to complete the assessment during the regular school day.

How will EQAO be administered?

The test is online using the EQAO Kiosk. Students must use their WRDSB provided Chromebooks to write the assessment. The test has many features to support students including:

  • A help menu 
  • A text-speech function that reads the text on the screen out loud 
  • Zoom in and zoom out 
  • A line reader that helps students focus on one line of text at a time 
  • A high-contrast view 
  • Annotation tools 
  • A tool for rough notes 

How can I help my student prepare for EQAO?

Before the Test 

  • Consult the EQAO Grade 9 Mathematics website.
  • Encourage your student to review the format and tools available by previewing the practice test.
  • Encourage your student to do their best, know this assessment is not a requirement for graduation.

The Day of the Assessment (June 12, 2024)

  • Remind the student to be on time and follow the instructions of their Math teacher.
  • Remind the student to eat before the test.
  • Students must bring their charged WRDSB Chromebook, charger, and headphones if desired.
  • Headphones may be used for text to speech and/or blocking out noise
  • Encourage your student to do their best, know this assessment is not a requirement for graduation.


Please contact your student’s Math teacher.