Hello students and families,

Cell phones are made in a way that can easily distract you. They can make it really hard for students to learn.

When students are trying to study or do homework, cell phones can pull their attention away. So, it can be a big problem when students are trying to learn.  The staff at Eastwood want to stop cell phones from distracting students when they are learning.  

Our work is guided by current research and Ministry of Education Guidelines. To help everyone learn more about some of the problems caused by cell phones, we have invited Dr. Alison Yeung (click here to learn more) to talk about this on November 29th at 7:00 PM in the Eastwood library

Please come and learn with us. More information will be shared on School-Day, Google Classroom, the ECI website, and social media. Let’s work together to reduce distractions and do what is best for learning. 

If you plan to join us please fill in this form.

Thank you, 

Eastwood Staff