We would like to update secondary school students and families on the details of Quadmester 2, which starts on Monday, November 16, 2020.


In the adaptive/hybrid model, the traditional semester is split into two quadmesters, with two credits being offered in each quadmester. From there, students will be divided into two cohorts that will attend in-person learning for five days then engage in blended online learning from home for five days. One course will be offered per day for five consecutive days to minimize student to student and student to teacher contact. Schools will be contacting families in the coming days to inform students of their cohort. Bussed students remain in the same cohort as Quadmester 1 unless other arrangements have been made.

Quadmester 2 will run from Monday, November 16, 2020 to Friday, January 29, 2021 followed by two Distance Instructional Support days.

Further information on the details around the third and fourth quadmesters will be shared in the near future.

Overview Schedule

Below you will find a calendar to illustrate the consecutive day schedule of Quadmester 2.

Daily Schedule

Secondary school start and end times will remain the same as Quadmester 1 and will vary depending on each school’s start time.

Below is a sample daily schedule that illustrates what a day will look like in secondary:

Timetables and Cohorts

Specific details about timetables and cohorts are still being created and have not been determined. As soon as information is available, our students and families will be notified through School-Day or your school’s website.