Please be aware that students may not be dropped off or picked up in the Staff Parking Lot off Clifford Street at any time. Cars in the Staff Parking Lot block employees of the building from getting to work on time and, are a major safety issue: we had incidents last year where Ambulance and Fire were not able to enter because the fire lane (the loop through the parking lot) was congested with cars that weren’t supposed to be there.

Exercise is a great way to improve focus and learning. We encourage students to walk a few minutes to school in the morning.  Map 1, below, shows areas around the school that are suitable for student drop off that will allow the students to get in a walk. The furthest identified drop off area at Sheldon and Brentwood is only 650 m from the school – that’s only an 8-minute walk.

Students with disabilities or carrying heavy instruments or supplies may be dropped off in the Student Drop-off Zone in the Montgomery Street Lot. Drivers enter the student parking lot near the portables and drop students at the Music and Tech entrance. Drivers can then continue forward, driving behind the school along the ramp before exiting on Clifford Road. The ride behind the school is much smoother this year, as we had it paved over the summer – no more potholes!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work to make Eastwood a safer, smarter and healthier community.

Map 1: Students that do not have a physical disability or large musical instrument to carry to school are encouraged to be dropped at the above starred drop-off locations. We ask that you follow the broken arrows back to Weber St. and do not use Jackson St. or Montgomery Rd. to leave the neighbourhood.

Map 2: The only place on campus you may drop off a student is at the star by the Music/Tech entrance, which is accessed from Montgomery St.  Otherwise, please use one of the drop offs in Map 1.

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