This year’s theme is Wonder. The cover image was designed by gr.10 IAP students Sophia Sankar and Amy Wentzell.
Gala is a WRIAPPA sponsored event each year at Eastwood and is our main fundraising event of the year. Students from all areas of the performing arts, as well as some auditioned acts, will be on stage and there is a juried art/film/animation show.

November 29 at 7:00 pm – All seats $16
November 30 at 1:00 pm – All seats $12
November 30 at 7:00 pm – All seats $16

Tickets are available on Eventbrite and will be sold at the door one hour in advance of opening, pending available seats.

Gala auditions will be held October 29-31. Google form: https//

Gala Juried Art Information 
Studio art works:
– All studio art entries Due on Thursday, November 14 to the table outside the art office before school, at lunch, and after school until 2:35. Work submitted after this will not be accepted. No advance submissions (we don’t have space to store it), unless previously arranged due to a known advanced absence.
You may submit up to 5 works maximum.
Any one in the school is welcome to submit work to the juried show. You may submit work that you have completed in class, in a club, on your own etc. as long as it is from the past two years and was not previously submitted to Gala.

IAP Grade 9 Enriched Visual Art Majors MUST submit a minimum of one work. IAP Visual Arts Majors in grades 10 –12 MUST submit a minimum of three works. Max of 5.
All mediums accepted. Photography/Digital work must be printed.
No wet paint please. No glass frames.
Please print digital work on good quality paper. Please submit photography/ digital media in standard print sizes
(i.e. 8×10, 5×7, 8.5 x 11). Check your resolution and image scaling/fit to page.

Paper labels must be attached to the back/bottom of the artwork, with the paper info sheet handed in to arts council Thursday with your artworks.

Film and Animation category:
– Your “labels” and info sheet are to be completed digitally.
– Electronic Form for Film/Animation info and Labels
– You must upload your film or animation to the google folder.
– Folder to upload films & animations
(be sure the files are properly named so we know who they belong to)
DEADLINE to submit films & animations: Friday, November 16. See Mr. McCarthy or Ms. Gruber if you have questions.
A max of 2 films/animations per artist can be submitted.
(So you could submit a max total of 7 = 5 studio works + 2 film/animation).

Gala Rehearsal Schedule:


Act 1 Act 2
Treble Rebels Junior Band
Jada Hip Hop Group (Olivia L-W)
Chamber Choir Senior Band
Gr 10 Drama Heaven Cafe (Dylan)
Fiddle Group Ode to Perfection (Emma Dye)
Jazz Co Small Group (Emilie Smith) Kinesis
Sound Machine The Monologue Show from Hell  (Ruby et al)
Gr 9 Dance Symphony
Loser Like Me (Matteo) I’ve Decided to Marry You (Solena)
Style (Chad) Chamber Strings + Niko
Lost in Perfect Invisible (Belle)
Doubts (Cole) Two By Two (Grace)
Improv Team Junior Jazz
Back to December (Emma Douglas) Bad Habit (Hunter & Grace)
Shaping Movement Contraband
Bows (Contraband)