Checklist to Complete at High School Before Transitioning to College/University

Contact the school(s) you are planning on attending and speak to a person in their support office. It has different names at different institutions, but could be called the Disability Office, Student Support Services, etc…

  • I am taking high school courses that will get me into college/university.
  • I know what (if any) program requirements will be when I enroll.
  • I am attending my Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings.
  • I have a copy of my IEP to send to the college/university.
  • I have discussed my psycho-educational assessment with my counsellor, special education resource teacher (SERT), and parents.
  • I know my academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • I have a psycho-educational assessment that is no more than 3-5 years old.
  • I can describe my disability in detail.
  • I can describe my disability in detail to teachers and professors.
  • I know the kinds of accommodations that could be available to me.
  • I have had meetings with my SERT and discussed what I need to do to prepare for postsecondary school.

Documents needed:

  • Educational or Psycho-educational testing results;
  • Summary of Learning styles/accommodations and strategies you find useful;
  • List of all technologies and software you use; and
  • Any other info that may prove useful.