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If you are new to our school board, please contact K. MacDonald as they do not transfer automatically. 

Our main focus is to support students who have been identified as requiring support, through the process of an Individual Education Plan (IEP), and/or Identification, Placement, Review Committee (IPRC) exceptionality.

We offer:

  • academic support
  • test-taking strategies and study skills support
  • access to a wide variety of technological options
  • information about services in the community
  • credit-bearing Learning Strategies course (GLE) for students (permission from the Department Head)

Learning Resources Staff

Name, Role Name, Role
Kelly MacDonald, Dept. Head, SERT Rubina Chandler, SERT
Wayne Harnack, SERT Andrea Kenny, EA
Christian Lemke, SERT/GLE Teacher Georg Weiss, Life Skills Teacher/SERT
Tina Jumeian, SERT Bonnie Drover-Reipert, CYW Life Skills
Harold Soulis, SERT Laura Devries, EA

Contact us at 519-743-8265 or via email (


2018 EQAO Literacy Test Information for Grade 10 students & Previously eligible

Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2019

2017-2018 EQAO Math Test Information for Grade 9 students

EQAO | Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics


  • Monday, January 14, to Friday, January 25, 2019: First-semester students
  • Wednesday, June 5, to Tuesday, June 18, 2019: Second-semester and full-year students


Chromebook (Google Slides) All students coming into Grade 9 are provided with a Chromebook to use for their high school career. This presentation was created to give basic information about the Chromebook, as well as some added features and information on apps and extensions to support learning.

Read & Write

Read&Write (Google Slides). ReadWrite is a text to speech and speech to text extension with many more useful features to help with all school work and studying. This means it can read what is on most screens (personally typed or internet pages) and allows users to talk to the computer for quicker written communication.

Homework Help and Planning Sheets

Study Skills

Great Website Links for you to watch, read and learn about how to learn and practice the skill of studying!

Enrichment Information

Enrichment opportunities are offered both in the school and in the community. Various contests are offered throughout the year (i.e. Mathematics, English, Science and Language Departments), and external offerings include contests, workshops, and courses. Students should speak to their Guidance Counsellor or Learning Resources Teacher to inquire about these opportunities.

  • Enrichment Opportunities @ The University of Waterloo
  • SHAD gives exceptional young people a glimpse of the future. Their month-long summer program will show you what you can achieve if you think big and pursue your extraordinary potential.
  • WiSTEM is hosting an all day event on Saturday, October 13th called STEP into STEM at the University of Waterloo campus. This will be a day filled with workshops geared towards high school students looking to explore the STEM fields. As I am sure you are aware, students preparing to leave high school are often unsure of the path they wish to take and this event is an outlet for students to consider the various possibilities within science, technology, engineering, and math.

    We have partnered with Accenture, Waterloop, and others in order to provide the most interesting and informative activities for students. Students may register on our website, As well, there is more information there if you are interested.

College, University, Apprenticeship and Trade Information

Students who have experienced mental health issues can now participate in a transition program for college or university. Check the following brochures for more information:

Conestoga College

  • Access information on their Welcome Centre for Prospective students
  • PASS – Summer Transition program to learn more about college

Additional Links and Information

Waterloo Region: