Since November 26, 2019, members of the Ontario Secondary Teachers Federation (OSSTF) have participated in job action. In Waterloo Region District School Board, OSSTF represents secondary teachers, occasional teachers, custodial and maintenance workers, educational support staff, professional student services personnel and supervision monitors and cafeteria assistants. We know that as parents and caregivers, it is important for you to understand how this may impact your child, so we are providing you with an update.

Starting on Monday, March 9, 2020, OSSTF has directed its members to engage in new work-to-rule sanctions, in addition to those already in place. This increase in administrative sanctions means that members will pause the one-day withdrawal of services (strike action) until March 27. Under this direction from OSSTF, secondary teachers and education workers will NOT:

  • Provide anything other than a mark and learning skills on any formal or interim report card. In non-credit courses, such as special education K courses), a single comment will be provided
  • Organize and attend group/department/job class meetings at any time
  • Participate in any aspect of School or Board Improvement Plans
  • Participate in curriculum or course writing
  • Update and post on school or board related websites (excluding individual teacher/class websites)
  • Accept new teacher-in-charge, or acting VP positions, or provide coverage for absent administrators/managers
  • Not assist with ‘admin’ tasks including photocopying and distribution of school/board documents (excluding course selection materials)
  • File EQAO/OSSLT results
  • Provide equipment maintenance unless scheduled through work orders
  • Contact outside contractors for services not directly related to student learning (such as waste management, blue boxes, equipment repairs)
  • Provide co-op worksite visits outside of regular instruction day
  • Engage in any work-related email or phone calls outside of the regular instructional day or paid workday. Communication with parents outside of the regular instruction day about urgent student matters will be at the professional judgement of the member
  • Keep employer-owned electronic devices turned on beyond the end of the workday unless paid overtime
  • Supervise students sent to the main office for discipline
  • Prepare or make bank deposits, pick up or deliver mail outside of regular work hours
  • Provide set-up or tear-down for community functions unless paid
  • Be available for emergency call-ins unless paid
  • Be available to open or close schools outside regular schedule shifts, unless paid overtime

Our priority remains for the safety of our students, and we want you to clearly understand the status of our schools during any labour action. We will continue to monitor the situation and its impact on students and will keep you updated as the situation changes. For information and updates, please:

We thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this time.