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This year, Eastwood has been accepted to take part in an exchange through Experiences Canada, and we have been twinned with Senator Allan Bird Memorial School in Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan.  The goal of this exchange is to build relationships, which are an important part of reconciliation.  This exchange will of course build strong relationships between a non-Indigenous and an Indigenous community.  The first part of the exchange will take place between March 1st and 9th, 2018, when the students from Senator Allan Bird, will come to Ontario.  The second part of the exchange will take part between May 27th and June 3rd, when the students from Eastwood in Kitchener will travel to Montreal Lake Saskatchewan.  True reconciliation revolves around understanding all voices and then listening to those voices in terms of what they truly need.  We are hoping to build a long lasting relationship between our communities that is collaborative in nature and builds upon what students and teachers have learned about through this Exchange.  This will hopefully lead into future projects that continue to connect our two communities well beyond the actual exchange.   We are fundraising to help pay for the hosting portion of the exchange, which includes transportation, admission fees and food.

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